What is All-Round FastCharge tech?

All-Round FastCharge isn’t just about speed, it also includes features like bypass charging (this disconnects the battery once charged and runs the phone on electricity from the charger). The tech also works with industry standard protocols like USB Power Delivery 3.0 and can do reverse charging too.

All-Round FastCharge tech is Ultra rapid charging – 260W wired and 110W wireless All-Round FastCharge. This can fill a battery from 0 to 25% in one minute over the wire and can reach 100% in under 8 minutes. Wirelessly, 0 to 100% can be filled in 16 minutes.

The 110W wireless charging is using custom-made small-sensitive coils with different architectures – there are fewer but wider coils in the same space, reducing internal resistance and subsequently lowering phone temperature increase when charging.

There is also a 110W custom-made charger with a dual-coil design for both vertical and horizontal charging. The station employs a fan at the base to improve heat dissipation.

It is compatible with other protocols, including Power Delivery 3.0.