Android 14 Beta 2 update features

1. Google is enhancing the camera experience with native support for 10-bit HDR images for even richer and more vibrant colors. The Ultra HDR Image Format (v0.9.1) used by Google is fully compatible with JPEG images so apps will be able to display HDR images as SDR when needed. Google is also adding support for 10-bit compressed image capture on supported devices.

2. The new Predictive Back gesture features coming to Android 14 are getting more developer-side tweaks with Beta 2. The latest beta also adds support for lossless audio over USB. This means you’ll be able to connect to audiophile-grade headphones and amps without any mixing, volume adjustment or processing to the audio.

3. Google is also bringing Health Connect to Android 14 as a built-in feature. Health Connect stores your health and fitness data and allows users to manage how that data is shared between apps. Health Connect will also gain exercise route sharing.

4. Android 14 is also getting a new location data runtime permission dialog which will inform users every time an app wants to share location data with third parties. Users will also get notifications if any of the apps with location permission change their data-sharing permissions. All of these features will be accessible within the device settings menu.